7 Reasons to Love Drones

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First Off, Do You Know What Drones Are?

Before we get into the 7 reasons why you should love drones, we should first consider those who might not completely know what they are and what their purpose is. Drones are a commodity or in some cases a necessity that is becoming alarmingly more popular. This is not necessarily a bad thing as long as their intentions aren’t intrusive and are otherwise harmless.

So what are they? They are portable machines designed to perform some certain functions or actions while flying in the air. They are essentially programmed machines that are remotely controlled via a command interface to fly around at the users will. They usually consist of 3 or more motors with blades that are used to maneuver the craft through the air space. They serve a very wide scope of roles that cover both professional roles and some more informal roles for the purposes of entertainment. People buy drones for their ability to reach areas which are otherwise harder to get to by conventional methods. The reasons why we would need a commodity such as this is to either get a good shot with a camera, to deliver things to remote locations or to interact with things that are in places harder to reach. For this reason they are much more than just toys that we fly around. Many companies and individuals rely on these machines to help them in their fields of work. So while also being a play toy it can also be an essential piece of your tool box.

Some Reasons To Love These Things

  1. It’s Fun!

If you’ve ever used one before than you know what the first and simplest reason is. They are fun! The drone puts you in the so called ‘pilots’ seat and lets you fly it wildly around, whether it be in your home or out in the park. Wherever it may be the excitement varies little and the experience is always very enjoyable. You can show off your skills to your friends or even race against them if they have drones of their own. The activities that a drone offers are numbered but are well worth the money and more than enough to keep you busy.

In some places there are even functions or competitions organized around racing drones around a designated circuit, determining who is the fastest and best pilot. These functions are very popular and attract a lot of attention and in some cases the prizes are pretty sweet too.

  1. They Can Be Used For Surveillance

If you are a project manager for example, that is overlooking a construction site and needs eyes everywhere at once, than there might be a reason for you to love drones as well. Most drones today are outfitted with cameras or what would in this case be considered surveillance material. In this instance you might be interested in investing some assets into acquiring a few to keep an eye on things for you. Drones are portable and fast with quite the range. Project managers on a site can dispatch them to quickly get to a certain task-critical location. With their ability to seamlessly fly over obstacles they can effectively get to a remote location, whether it be elevated or on the ground. Apart from just this example there could be many such applications of drones as surveillance equipment, perhaps on oil rigs, prisons etc.

  1. Recording Yourself

As popular as selfies have become there is little that beats an aerial shot of you standing at the edge of a cliff face and the shot being captured over the chasm that separates you from the camera. Although this might be a little intense it just goes to show some of the possibilities that having a drone can unlock. It can not only take pictures but also capture footage. This footage can be of you hiking, sailing, riding your bike, basically anything that you can come up with. It opens a whole new dynamic to taking your videos while having a great deal of fun operating them.

  1. Youtubers

If you are a Youtuber and you are looking to upload higher quality posts and videos, then you might have noticed the increasing demand for drone usage to make Youtube videos. They can be used to make very interesting and smooth camera transitions. You can use them to capture the entire surrounding and not only the immediate area, with the option of some drones able to fly and operate at very high heights. Most of these types of drones also incorporate 4k cameras that offer amazing picture quality. These are all tools that an up and coming Youtuber could use to their advantage to bring the audience the best of their channel.

  1. Delivery Service?

In some cases drones can be used as a means to get aid or packages to locations otherwise difficult to reach. In places like Africa or in places struck by natural disasters these machines can be used to deliver much needed food, medical aid or supplies to critical areas. The mobility of drones and the option of flight means that this can be achieved with a high level of effectiveness.

Another form of delivery could be in the food industry, where food could be delivered to your door stop via a drone. This has already been tested and has turned out successful. Other applications of these forms of delivery could be to golfers requesting new balls or soft drinks while on the golf course.

  1. Sports

Whether you’re into football, motor cross, tennis or formula one racing they could all look better with some drones in the air. This is obviously not the entire list of sports, that would almost be impossible to summarize, but the point is, the more angles you have the better it all can look. Drones have the ability to be positioned exactly where you want them in almost any given space, of course not taking into account areas blocked by obstacles. This can give you the edge when watching your favorite sport, as you’ll be able to see it from a completely new perspective.

  1. Concerts

Concerts are yet another reason to love drones! They can get reasonably up close and personal to the performer and just as quickly spin around and fly over the entire audience. Drones in these settings can really make the difference as it gives you a sense of what you can see from any given perspective and how far a certain place is from the stage. Also drones can fly in and capture a certain moment taking place in the crowd with ease, as it does not have to push through massive crowds of people to get there.

So in Summation

All in all these are just some of the reasons to love drones, but in all honesty there are tones more. Drones come in many different shapes and sizes, as well as power. So maybe this could be another thing that you find to love. All the same drones are a big part of our lives now and the sooner we embrace them and recognize their potential the sooner we can exploit this potential and implement it in our everyday lives.

Keep in mind that they are pricey and you might find that you have to save up a while before you can get your hands on one, but once you do, you won’t be regretting it.